Amber Walker, Flute

Amber Walker, Flute

Private Lesson Information


Lesson Structure and Expectations

Private lessons will be given on a weekly basis in durations of 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Lessons will focus on musical development through the study of scales, tone and technical exercises, etudes, and flute repertoire. Students are expected to supply their own materials and bring them to every lesson (flute, sheet music, pencil). Students are also welcome to bring additional musical material to their lessons (band music, region etudes, etc). Students are expected to develop and maintain healthy practice habits, and to demonstrate a proper level of preparation in each of their lessons. The recommended minimum amount of daily practice should correspond to the number of minutes in the student’s weekly lesson.


Lesson Rates and Payment Policy

Payment may be provided in monthly installments or on an individual lesson basis. Payment is due before the start of each lesson, or at the first lesson to take place each month. Lesson fees are as follows:


30 minutes    $20 per lesson

45 minutes    $30 per lesson

60 minutes    $40 per lesson



Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy begins and ends with the student—teaching not only the musician, but the person as a whole. I believe that it is vital to see your students as people first and musicians second. The relationship between personal and musical growth is symbiotic—the latter cannot occur without acknowledgment of the former. Each student is an individual with his/her own set of goals, strengths, and insecurities. You must teach each student according to their personal goals and needs.

My primary goal as an educator is to nurture a genuine joy and passion for music. My studio is a safe-space to learn, grow, and make mistakes. While students will receive constructive criticism during their lessons, it is never my aim to deliver this criticism in a manner that produces anxiety or leads students to feel as though they are being judged. I emphasize with my students the importance of allowing themselves permission to make mistakes, as they are a natural and essential aspect of the learning process. I have high expectations for my students, but only in so much as I want them to have high expectations for themselves. While I believe that it is important to set high standards, I also believe in taking into account the stage of musical development of each individual in determining what these standards should be. What may be a minor success for one student may be a tremendous accomplishment for another. Ultimately, it is my goal that each of my students adopt a strong sense of self-motivation and positive work ethic. I firmly believe that my success as an educator is ultimately dependent upon my ability to teach my students how to teach themselves.

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